Welcome to the SuperBall Show - a thrilling live game show brought to you by Woermann, Brock! For our loyal customers, this is an incredible opportunity to convert your smart shopping into big winnings.

This interactive live game show is all about timing and knowledge of the Woermann, Brock's latest deals. During each show, we'll be asking questions related to our current offers. Ready with the correct answer? Then it's time to participate!

Here's how it works: You, our valued SmartBuy cardholder, will WhatsApp your name, your SmartBuy card number, and your answer to the question to +264 81 417 4184. If you're the first one with the correct answer, you get to participate in that segment of the show.

And now comes the exciting part - the SuperBall draw! Our vivacious host, Whilzahn Gelderbloem, will draw three balls on your behalf from the SuperBall Spinner. Among the 33 balls in the spinner, 3 are red, and the rest are other colours. The color of the balls that Whilzahn draws for you determines your prize! If she draws one red ball, you win N$500 in SmartBuy points. Two red balls increase your prize to N$5,000, and if you hit the jackpot with three red balls, you take home a whopping N$50,000 in SmartBuy points!

Remember, each question gives a new opportunity to win. So, stay tuned to our Facebook page, engage, have fun, and potentially walk away with a load of SmartBuy points on your card. Join us and experience the thrill of winning with the SuperBall Show, only with Woermann, Brock!

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