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Starting date: 19 August 2022

Closing Date: 8 November 2022



Customers who buy products, using their SmartBuy card, during the promotional period, will receive 1 entry for every N$128 spent.

The promotion is divided into 12 draws over 12 weeks, of which the final draw offers the biggest prizes.

Entrants from one week are not carried over into the next week. Customers have to buy within a specific week to be in the draw for that week.



Important information relating to your SmartBuy membership

If a winner is drawn, but we cannot get hold of the winner due to the winner's information being incorrect on the system, then the prize will for forfeited and paid into the WB We Care Trust Fund. Please ask any cashier to assist you to check and update the information on your SmartBuy membership account.

All active SmartBuy cards, no matter how old or from which range they are, can be used to enter the competition.



Entry Method

Only SmartBuy members can enter, and are automatically entered by the company system according to the following criteria: For every N$128 (Incl VAT) spent per transaction, the customer will receive an entry on the system.

Examples: N$187 = 1 entry, N$278 = 2 entries

Multiple transactions are not summarized, the qualifying value must be in 1 transaction.

The competitions are set up within the system to collect entries from all branches for the periods specified in the ‘Competition Periods’ table.




The first 11 draws will offer the same prizes, while the final draw will be the real bonanza with N$400,000 up for grabs.

First Eleven Draws

Consolation prizes: 10 × N$2,000

  • Third Prize: N$2,500
  • Second Prize: N$5,000
  • First Prize: N$10,000

Weekly voucher amounts loaded onto the loyalty cards

Final Week

  • Third Prize: N$50,000
  • Second Prize: N$100,000
  • First Prize: N$250,000

These prizes are made up of 80% cash and 20% shopping vouchers

Draws (First 11)

  1. Our system will automatically issue an entry for every N$128 spent per transaction.
  2. Filtering in a closed computer program:
    1. Entries are adjusted to a maximum of 10 per card
    2. The entries are then divided into the various areas of the country and assembled into to give all areas of the country an equal chance.
    3. 2000 of the filtered entries are then printed for the physical draw.
  3. The physical draw will be done live on Facebook to maximize transparency.
  4. All draws are done with an external auditor present to oversee the process

Final Draw

Only 3 winners will be drawn and invited to the grand finale which will be hosted the following Friday (19 November 2022)

The 3 winners will have an equal opportunity to win either of the 3 main prizes during the Final Event.

Be sure to enter every week. I has never been easier to win N$250,000.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Personnel members or direct family members of Woermann, Brock and A3 Layout Services may not win in this competition. Even after the winner's announcement, the prize can be withdrawn if the winner is found to be a direct family member of either a Woermann, Brock or A3 Layout Services employee.
  2. The decisions made by the relevant parties during the entire draw process will be final and no correspondence will be entered into after the winners have been notified.
  3. Should a prize or prizes be unclaimed after 3 months, or withdrawn due to technical reasons, the amount will be donated to the WB We Care Trust.
  4. Non-cash prizes will not be exchanged for cash.
  5. Cash prizes will consist of 80% cash to be deposited into bank accounts provided by the winners, and the other 20% will be in the form of SmartBuy points.
  6. If a purchase was done without the SmartBuy card being scanned the opportunity for that particular transaction to be entered into the competition is lost.
  7. A maximum of 10 entries will be allocated per customer/member per promotional period.
  8. Winners will only receive their prizes once they have provided photographs of themselves to be used for promotional advertising.

  1. Terms and conditions may change without notice.
  2. Errors and Omissions Excluded.
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