Chief Cornerstone Centre Christmas Dinner 

The Chief Cornerstone Centre  was a recent beneficiary of the WB We Care Trust. According to Rev Dennis Johnny |Nunub their Christmas dinner was a huge success.

On the picture you can see Oupa Heny Skrywer, Oupa Jan Hans and Oupa Mansie Narib.


We Care about Hygiene

On Saturday, 26 November 2022, the WB We Care Trust delivered hygiene packs to the Katutura Hospital in a drive to assist those in need.

1000 packs containing soap bars, face cloths and masks, and a further 200 packs with added nappies will assist patients in need, and mothers as they look after their newly born babies.

According to Rebecca Woermann, Chairperson of the WB We Care Trust, personal hygiene is a very important issue, especially to persons who receive medical treatment. “We feel it is an area where we can help in a positive way’, said Rebecca.

The WB We Care Trust participates in assisting organisations who actively work toward helping those in need.

Good Hygiene is Happiness
Fagma Geibes (Trust Administrator), Otja Mahua (Trustee) and Rebecca Woermann (Chairperson)

Caring and giving is fun


Caring packs ready to make a difference




Elevating Compassion: The WB We Care Trust Initiative

Established in 2009, the WB We Care Trust embodies our commitment to nurturing and supporting the most vulnerable members of our community. Dedicated to aiding bona fide organizations that provide vital assistance to orphans and those impacted by HIV/AIDS, the Trust is a beacon of hope and support.

Community groups located near WB stores are encouraged to reach out and apply for assistance. Jesko Woermann, the CEO of Woermann Brock, emphasizes the importance of collective efforts to improve the challenging conditions faced by many Namibians daily.

Beneficiaries receive a WB We Care card, replenished monthly, to purchase essentials from their nearest WB store.

Our commitment extends beyond financial aid; we engage in regular oversight visits to ensure the assistance provided is making a real difference.

Application Process:

Obtain your application via our link and, upon completion, submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Together, let's build stronger communities and brighter futures.

WE We Care celebrates 126 years by pumping N$160,000 into the communities.

 Woermann, Brock & Co. recently celebrated it’s 126th anniversary with the Win&Give promotion. A total of N$1.1M in cash and vouchers was won by customers.

The Give part of the promotion was a WB We Care Trust initiative whereby the eight main prize winners in the competition got the opportunity to select an organisation to receive a N$20,000 voucher.

Maria Miriam from WB with Amakali Lazarus Laban Shapanga preschool


Dube Dumaza principal of Green Acres Eenhana


Hennie-Smeer, Ulrike Behrens, Frauke Möller and Frank Schatz (President) from Windhoek Lions Club




Jona-Shilongo, Principal of Odibo Combined School


Marietjie de Klerk from Hope Village


Petrina Matsi Oonte Charity Group



The WB We Care Trust was established in 2008 with a mission to support Namibians who are affected by HIV, orphans and widows, people with disabilities and the elderly in need. The trust hopes to become involved in all communities in surrounding areas of all WB Stores.

This is the list of major winners and their selected organisations. All of them already received their N$20,000 vouchers.




Margaretha van Wyk NOAH – Namibia Old Age Helpfund
Constancia Melk Hope Village
Elizabeth Wittmann Lions Club Windhoek
Kaushunwa Venasius Kids Soup Kitchen
Fransina Matsi Oonte Charity Group
Gabriel Mwaninga Green Acres School
Lavinia Ndana Laban Shapanga School
Mateus Matias Odibo Combined School


Organisations that care for the needy in towns and areas surrounding any WB Supermarket are invited to apply for grants from the WB We Care Trust.

Fennie Mwetudhana, the administrator will try to assist where they can.

Lean more at:


WB We Care donates protective material to the School for those with impaired-hearing.

We Care

After a request from Alice Bauleth, the principal of the School for those with Impaired-Hearing, the WB We Care Trust supplied masks and floor stickers.

Now they can continue their work in safety.

WB We Care Trust shows their love

The WB We Care trust was founded in 2009 by WB CEO, Jesko Woermann, to ensure that money made available for corporate responsibility projects is actually spent properly. Although the focus of the We Care Trust is primarily on orphans and children affected by HIV/Aids, the trustees felt that an effort should be made to assist those who were hit the hardest by the effects of the virus.

The trust donated foods stuffs to the value of N$50,000 and clothing to the Ministry of Health and Socials Services. Michael Shilongo, Chief Administrative Officer (MoHSS), said that they appreciate the donation and that they would get the goods to the right people.

Rebecca Woermann, a trustee of the WB We Care Trust, said that it is a privilege to be able to assist and she hopes that other companies will also realise how some of our fellow Namibians struggle to get food on the table.

The WB We Care Trust invites organisations who assist orphans and those affected by HIV/Aids to apply for assistance and benefit like numerous other who get monthly contributions. Fennie Mwetudhana, administrator of the trust,  can be contacted in this regard.


WB We Care in Mariental

The Trust also lent a helping hand to the Mariental town Council to help those who are in need of help due to the Covid-19 virus. They donated a voucher to the value of N$3000.


WB We Care


Martii Atisaari Primary School

Top performers from Grade 4-6 at the Martii Atisaari Primary School were surprised when each of them received a voucher to the value of N$200 each from the WB We Care Trust. It’s our way of saying Thank YOU!


Although the WB We Care Trust supports the Moreson Schools permamantly, the trust decided to treat the kids with toys and personal care products.


The WB We Care Trust has been a permanent supporter of Dagbreek with a monthly financial contribution.

This time the We Care Trust decided to treat the kids with toys and personal care items.

On the picture is Paul du Plessis, Headmaster and Fennie Mwetudhana, Administrator of the WB We Care Trust, with some of the kids.

The time now for Disabled women in Namibia

These were the words of Mr Elia Shapwe, Acting Secretary General of the National Federation of People with Disabilities in Namibia (NDPDN), at first Day of the Disabled Woman which was hosted at the NFPDN on 14 March.

Women with disabilities ranging from Deaf, visually impaired to physical disabilities attend the event to address the problems they face and share encouraging and motivating stories and performances.

Ms Hileni Uulumbu, Councilor from the City of Windhoek, said that it is important for the women with disabilities to have a woman's day separate to the official International Day of Women, which is held on 8 March every year, so that the focus can fall on them and the unique challenges they face.

Deaf women are victimized by criminals because sigh language make reporting all the details very difficult while albinos are regularly called derogatory names. According to Miriam Sam (NADAWO) women with disabilities are commonly mistreated.

The Time is Now! Is the theme for 2018 and it calls for disabled women to take their life into their own hands and make a difference to their own lives while setting an example for other.

Some of the highlights of the performances were the “singing” of the National Anthem in sign language and a touching sign language poem by Lirogengeni Kakumo.

The WB Supermarket Group sponsored the event through their WB We Care Trust. Frieda Kandjii, Senior Operational Manager at the group, said that organizations, such as NFPDN, are welcome to apply for grants from the WB We Care Trust, because the group aims to assist positively in all areas where they do business.

WB Supermarkets supports local Red Cross initiative

The WB We Care Trust showed their support of the Red Cross with a donation of goods to the value of N$15000. This included blankets and food stuffs.

Mr Abia Uhongora, Manager of the Khomas branch of the Red Cross Society, said that they have launched a new Namibians Helping Namibians campaign to encourage local companies and individuals to think of those less fortunate. They want to be able to help families in dire need who knock on their doors.

Fennie Mwetudhana, who administrates the WB We Care Trust, said that WB Supermarkets is a 100% Namibian company and therefor feel a sense of responsibility towards all communities in and around towns where the company trades. She also encourages other Namibian companies to follow suit. 

Organisations which would like to apply for grants from the WB We Care trust should visit the website and apply following the easy steps.

WB We Care Trust supporting Salvation Army

In response to a request from the Salvation Army's Windhoek Corps for support with the Community Kids Club in Otjomuise the WB We Care Trust donated 250 stationery packs to the kids in preparation for 2018.

Lieutenant Edouard Zola, Officer-in-charge of the Windhoek Corps said that the donation will go a long way for these children and praised the company for ongoing support and services in communities all over Namibia.

Thank you, senior Namibians

The Ministry of Health and Social Services recently hosted  an event on the premises of State Hospital in honor of the elderly as October is the month for older people.

On arrival the attendees from various old age homes in Windhoek were treated with freshly baked brötchen and fruit juice courtesy of WB Supermarkets. According to Mr Rudolph Fourie, General Manager of the group, the older members of the communities around all WB Supermarkets contributed to the success of the group and they are much appreciated.


He further invites organizations who support the needy in areas surrounding WB Supermarkets to apply for support from the WB We Care Trust. Application forms are available on the website of the group.

WB Challenges other local companies to join

The Ministry Of Health and Social Services called on business and organisations to assist with the sudden Malaria Crisis which struck the northern part of Namibia earlier this year.

The WB We Care Trust made their contribution on Friday, 2 June, to the Deputy Minister, Juliet Kavetuna. Kavetuna said that the ministry values all parties who assisted and added that all stock or other support will be managed properly and stored to be ready for the next outbreak.

Deputy Minister Juliet Kavetuna with Frieda Kandjii, Senior Manager of WB

Frieda Kandjii, Senior Regional Manager of WB Supermarkets, said that the WB We Care Trust is actively supporting various charitable organisations and she called on all businesses who do business in Namibia to follow the example.

The WB We Care Trust was established in 2009 with the aim of offering support to bona fida groups who actively assist orphans and those affected by the devastating effects of HIV/Aids.

Communities in and around towns with WB stores are invited to apply to become beneficiaries of the WB We Care Trust. According to Jesko Woermann, CEO of the local group, more should to be done to alleviate the difficult circumstances with which so many Namibians battle every day.

Fagma Geibes is the administrator of the WB We Care Trust

In order to ensure that the support given by the WB We Care Trust does not go to waste and is administrated properly, an official application must be submitted by groups in need. Contributions are then given in the form of a WB We Care card which is topped-up monthly and can be used to buy necessary products from their local WB Store.

Administrators of the trust also pay regular visits to beneficiaries to evaluate the use of the support.

Get the application here

Once you have completed your entry form you should email it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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